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strengthen capillaries and blood vessels

First,most importantly you need to focus on your diet. No fish, chicken, mineral supplements and make sure to incorporate raw veggies, fruit, nuts and grains Bilberry Extract http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3550 is an excellent antioxidant that strengthens veins and arteries.  The 2 known drug interactions are Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs and Antidiabetic drugs.  If you take the recommended dosages, you should be fine.  Other herbs that strengthen the integrity of the blood vessels are Butcher's Broom http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3245, Gingko http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3286, Violet Leaves http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3259and Gotu Kola http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3133.  There are other supplements that work well like Pycnogenol http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=8981, Collagen  and Vitamin C http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=2364.  What is important to know is that you are looking for foods naturally high in bioflavonoids like Rutin http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=8634 and Quercertin .

Fresh fruits and vegetables are generally the top choices for getting plenty of bioflavonoids in a diet. Here are some of the most popular ways to get the most of these helpful nutritional elements.
  1. Red Bell Peppers or Sweet Peppers – Red peppers contain three times more vitamin C than orange juice, according to some medical sources. Scientists agree that raw bell peppers are an effective way to get bioflavonoids into the system.
  2. Strawberries – These luscious red berries are a great source of bioflavonoids. Other berry types are similarly rich in these kinds of antioxidants. This leads to specific claims of health benefits for berry-made wines and derivative foods.
  3. Citrus Fruits – Oranges are a significant source of bioflavonoids. Lemons and limes, as well as peaches, nectarines and other fruits all contain vitamin C and bioflavonoid superoxidants.
  4. Broccoli – This green vegetable has a lot of vitamin C, as well as some other essential vitamins for a healthy diet. As with other foods, use broccoli raw for best results.
  5. Brussels Sprouts – For a hearty meal, include these cabbage type sprouts. Rich in antioxidants, they are also packed with their own unique taste for a delicious way to get bioflavonoids and vitamins.
  6. Tropical Fruits – Exotic fruits, like mangoes and papayas, have a lot of bioflavonoids and other nutritional elements packed under their skins. These are becoming more accessible at supermarkets everywhere. Don’t miss out on what they have to offer.
  7. Garlic – By most accounts, garlic is a superfood. Our food culture has long been aware of its anti-inflammatory properties, but now scientists are counting it as among the natural foods rich in bioflavonoids, and therefore able to deliver the antioxidant values we associate with “healing foods.”
  8. Spinach – Popeye wasn’t kidding: this stuff has all of the qualities you would associate with a green vegetable rich in antioxidants. Spinach is a good all-purpose nutrient – try it in place of lettuce for a salad that’s bursting with nutrition.
  9. Teas – Green tea and other teas are known to have a lot of powerful chemical elements that contribute to longevity and good health. Lots of health minded caffeine drinkers are switching from coffee to tea to get the effects of essential vitamins in their morning drinks.

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The schizandra herb is highly prized by Chinese women as a sexual enhancer and youth tonic.

Schizandra is believed to preserve beauty and to be a mild sedative.

Schizandra is also reputed to be tonic for men.

Until recently coveted by the wealthy, and a favorite among the Chinese emperors, Schizandra is also considered an adaptogen and, similar to ginseng, it is believed to increase stamina and fight against fatigue.

As a traditional medicinal herb, Schizandra, called Wu-wei-tzu in China, has been used as an astringent for a treatment for dry cough, asthma, night sweats, nocturnal seminal emissions and chronic diarrhea.

It is also used as a tonic for the treatment of chronic fatigue.

Benefits of Schizandra
  • schizandra adaptogenic property is said to stimulate immune defenses

  • balance body function, normalize body systems

  • help surgery recovery

  • protect against radiation

  • optimize energy in times of stress

  • increase stamina

  • protect against motion sickness

  • normalize blood sugar, blood pressure, and high cholesterol

  • shield against infection

  • improve the health of the adrenals

  • energize RNA-DNA molecules to rebuild cells and produce energy comparable to that of a young athlete

  • Western herbalists commonly recommend Schizandra for the lungs, liver and kidneys, and to help with depression due to adrenergic exhaustion.

  • In Russia, Schizandra is used to treat eye fatigue and increase acuity.

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Gentle in effect, the major health properties of the California poppy are sedative, analgesic and antispasmodic in action.

California poppy is member of the poppy family and somewhat distantly related to the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). While the California poppy does contain some sedative alkaloids, it contains no real "opium".

The most common use of this herb is in diffusion for treating the various physical and psychological conditions including insomnia, bed wetting (incontinence), anxiety and nervous tension, particularly in children.

Because of its sedative properties, the California poppy has been used in the treatment of behavioral disorders such as ADD, ADHD in children and young adults. In addition this herb has also been proven to improve intellectual capacity, memory and concentration in the elderly.

California poppy has been used as an herbal treatment for tooth pain.

As a tincture, it is used for its antimicrobial properties applied externally to cuts and scrapes.

As an analgesic and antispasmodic, these properties have been found useful in the relief of acute nerve and muscular centered pain. It has been used as a remedy in cases of high fever, rapid pulse and persistent spasmodic cough.



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Crohn's disease is characterized by a chronic and long-lasting inflammation of a section of the digestive tract. The inflammation extends through all layers of the intestinal wall and involves the adjacent lymph nodes. The inflamed parts heal and leave scar tissue that narrows the passageway.

Symptoms include diarrhea, periodic cramping, lower right abdominal pain, fever, malabsorption, possible anemia, and losses of energy, appetite, and weight. Typically the onset of this disease is around the age of twenty. Attacks may occur every few months to every few years. In rare cases it appears once or twice and does not return.

If this disease continues for many years, bowel function gradually deteriorates. If left untreated, it can become very serious and increase the risk of cancer. Lack of nutrients from malabsorption may weaken the immune system, prolonging healing time needed. Chronic bleeding may cause iron-deficiency anemia. If the inflamed intestinal wall leaks, peritonitis results.

The following nutrients are beneficial to the prevention and cure of this disease.

Aloe vera is beneficial for Crohn's Disease because it softens stools and has a healing effect on the digestive tract. Drink 1/2 cup of aloe juice 3 times a daily. For occasional use only as it can become habit forming, whereas the CAC is not habit forming. Fenugreek, goldenseal, licorice, marshmallow root, rose hips. These herbs also support digestion, cleanse the blood stream, and reduce inflammation and infection, best used on an alternating basis. Avoid using licorice, goldenseal and echinacea on a daily basis for more 7 days in a row and avoid licorice completely if you have high blood pressure. Do not take goldenseal if you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma; use it only under a doctors supervision.


Eat a diet consisting mainly of no-acidic fresh cabbage, and some cooked vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, garlic, kale, spinach, and turnips. Steam, broil, simmer, or bake your food.
Drink plenty of liquids, such as steam-distilled water, herbal teas, and fresh juices, fresh cabbage is very beneficial.

Papaya is a good addition to your diet if you don't have herpes or other viruses.
During an acute attack, take 1 tsp of slippery elm bark powder and stir into a cup of water or tea. Eat organic baby foods, steamed vegetable and well cooked organic brown rice, millet, and oat meal and make green blender drinks with Super Veggie powder.

Try eliminating all dairy foods, (cheese) , fish, hard sausage, meats, no pickled foods, or yeast products and see if your condition improves. These foods are high in histamine. Many people with Crohn's Disease are histamine-intolerant. Milk and other dairy products contain carrageenan, a compound extracted from red seaweed. Carrageenan, which is widely used in the food industry for it's ability to stabilize milk proteins, has been shown to induce ulcerative colitis in laboratory animals.

These foods are irritating to the digestive tract. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, chocolate,, corn, nuts, popcorn, eggs, foods with artificial additives or preservatives, fried and greasy foods, margarine, meat, pper, spicy foods, tobacco, white flour, and all animal products with the exception of white fish from clean clear waters. Mucus forming foods such as processed refined foods, should be eliminated from the diet. Limit your intake of rye, barley, and wheat. Avoid boxed dry cereals or anything containing any form of sugar.Diets high in refined carbohydrates have ben associated with Crohn's Disease .
It is not usually necessary to use all these, but to find out which are most useful to you.
5181 Slippery Elm Powder may be used (call 1-800-345-4152 to order) -- 1 tsp, 1-2 times/day

Suggested Products

As recommended on the labels, take the following:
1221 Stomach Ulcers
6932 Garlic, Odorless
1477 Truman's Colon/Liver Cleanser "CAC"
3349 Truman's Fiber
7998 Colloidal Silver Water Generator
2801 Hi-C 500
8971 L-Glutamine 500mg
8976 L-Taurine
2475 B12 / Folic Acid Drops
7017 Gland Rejuvenator
8026 Super Enzyme+
6606 Omega 3 Flax Seed Oil - High Lignin
3121 Echinacea Root Angustifolia
3573 Cat's Claw (Una de Gato)
8413 Acidophilus, Non-Dairy
8970 Lecithin Granules fine - 1 lb
4427 Daily Health Tea, Spice
2000 Miracle 2000
8979 MSM Ultrapure
9986 Super Mins calcium & trace minerals iron free
3600 Truman's Super Green Foods w/Herbs(Super Veggie Powder)
2805 B Complex 100mg

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Asthma,bronchitis, respiratory system...

Asthma is caused by the spasms in the smooth muscles surrounding the bronchi and bronchi-oles (small airways in the lungs), causing the passageways to partially close. The spasms are accompanied with increased mucus which clogs the bronchi-oles/bronchi and worsens the attack. It is triggered by an allergic response and the immune system produces histamine; thus, any type of allergen can precipitate an asthma attack. It results in difficulty breathing (especially exhalation), coughing, wheezing, and a tight chest. This above condition is specifically known as bronchial asthma. Cardiac asthma is the result of a heart malfunction.
The respiratory system consists of the lungs and a series of associated passageways leading into and out of them. The upper respiratory system includes the nose, throat and associated structures. The lower respiratory system includes the larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs. The term "respiration" refers to the overall exchange of gases between the atmosphere, blood and cells. The cardiovascular system transports the gases in the blood between the lungs and the cells. Functions include: to supply oxygen eliminate carbon dioxide help regulate the acid-base balance of the body. Increase nutrition, detoxify and strengthen the body then asthma will leave.

Suggested Products

Begin and end your day with a gargle: 7998 Colloidal Silver Generator silver water, safe and powerful antibiotic. Drink 3 oz. per day. Next a warm cup of 4616 Cat's Claw Tea Spice Flavor (also available in Plain flavor) 1 cup - 2 hours before breakfast, 2 hours after lunch, and 2 hours after dinner. Add some or all (start with one and keep adding if needed) of the following extract/tinctures into the tea:
1477 CAC LIQUID 1 Tablespoon 2x day (as needed to keep bowel movements very soft).
6 to 24 drops of 1014 Asthma Formula.
6 to 24 drops of 1037 Congestion Formula.
6 to 24 drops of 1053 Hayfever Formula.
6 to 24 drops of 1297 Respiratory Formula.

1037 Congestion Formula-helps to loosen the mucus in the chest and elicits a more productive cough. 6-12 drops or more as needed. Contains the following herbs: Garlic, Bayberry, Mullein, Blood Root, Cayenne, Lobelia.

1297 Respiratory Formula.-Acts as an expectorant to help release mucus and congestion; clearing to the respiratory system. 6-12 drops or more 3 times or more per day. Contains the following herbs: Wild Cherry, Mullein, Goldenseal Root,Slippery Elm, Coltsfoot Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Lobelia, Cayenne.
1014 Asthma Formula-For acute asthma attacks. Use for bronchitis, croup and emphysema. Helps relieve sinus and lung congestion. Soothes inflamed tissues and allows free breathing. Loosens coughs and sinus congestion
Use to control hay fever, asthma and bronchitis. Bayberry Bark, Mullein Leaf, Lobelia Herb, Cayenne Pepper,


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first thing is first..getting pregnant...

Over two million couples want to have children and find that they are unable to conceive. There are many reasons for infertility. The female may have blocked tubes, ovulation problems, hormonal imbalance, or weak uterus. The male can have a low sperm count, immature sperm incapable of fertilization and other problems. Anorexia Nervosa and overexercise can cause bleeding to stop. Increased nutrition, normal exercise, herbs, and supplements can return the body to normal and create an environment for healthy babies and moms.

The process of ovulation is controlled by the hypothalamus of the brain and through the release of hormones secreted in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, (Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)). In the follicular (pre-ovulatory) phase of the menstrual cycle, the ovarian follicle will undergo a series of transformations called cumulus expansion, this is stimulated by the secretion of FSH. After this is done, a hole called the stigma will form in the follicle, and the ovum will leave the follicle through this hole. Ovulation is triggered by a spike in the amount of FSH and LH released from the pituitary gland. During the luteal (post-ovulatory) phase, the ovum will travel through the fallopian tubes toward the uterus. If fertilized by a sperm, it may perform implantation there 6–12 days later.

In humans, the few days near ovulation constitute the fertile phase. The average time of ovulation is the fourteenth day of an average length (twenty-eight day) menstrual cycle. It is normal for the day of ovulation to vary from the average, with ovulation anywhere between the tenth and nineteenth day being common.
Cycle length alone is not a reliable indicator of the day of ovulation. While in general an earlier ovulation will result in a shorter menstrual cycle, and vice versa, the luteal (post-ovulatory) phase of the menstrual cycle may vary by up to a week between women.

We are now seeing many doctors who are very concerned about how important nutrition is during pregnancy in the development of a healthy baby. More than ever before it has been shown that improving the health of the female increases her vitality and improves the quality of the offspring. A large amount of money is spent on research devoted to pregnancy and nutrition. But how much time and money is spent on research of infertility and nutrition? Wouldn't it be wise to look into the possibility of nutrition playing a major role in infertility before a lot of time and money is spent on tests, surgery, fertility pills and many other drugs?

The declining birth rate in Europe in the past fifty years was linked to the removal of vitamins B and E from grains during the aging process. If we looked seriously at the eating habits of those who are infertile in the United States today we would see a link between diet and the inability to conceive. I am not saying that it would solve all the problems that couples have in conceiving but it would do a great deal of good for the general health of the couple trying to have a family.

Prescription drugs, over-the-counter and street drugs can be very dangerous to the reproductive organs.
Change to a wholesome diet with more fresh fruit and vegetables. Use more grains and vegetable salads. Use raw nuts and seeds. Cook more beans, peas, and lentils. Use millet and buckwheat often. They are alkaline foods to help restore balance from too much acid foods. Use sprouts often in salads, alfalfa, mung beans, fenugreek and more. As for meat, animal food tends to have more pesticides than plant food.

Poisons are retained longer in animal fat than in plant tissues.

The Environmental Protection Agency found chemical residue in plant foods as well as in animal food. The amounts, on the average, were one-tenth of those found in flesh foods. Meat is hard to digest and will accumulate in the body as uric acid and toxic waste material.

20 years ago a lady in Arizona was infertile for 12 years. After 3 months of taking as many of the supplements listed as she could, she became pregnant. So she called her sister who was infertile for 17 years and her sister called me and then she took as many of the herbs and supplements as she could. After one year she called and said it was her birthday and her best present was that she found out she was pregnant. Since then we have witnessed many women who have gone from infertile to very fertile with this approach.

Raw almonds are an excellent source of protein and help promote normal bowel function. Almond milk is good for inflamed stomach and intestines and is rich in calcium. To make almond milk soak one cup of almonds overnight. Then put the almonds in a blender with 4 cups of pure water and blend until it looks like milk--about three minutes. Add a little honey or pure maple syrup. Use on cereals, granola and in sauces instead of milk.

Brown Rice provides the B vitamins and energy.
Pinto beans help to leach out toxic metals (sprout before cooking).
Herb teas (red raspberry) and pure water help the liver to detoxify, and help prevent constipation.
Apples are a cleanser of the body. They help to eliminate toxins.
Bananas are high in potassium, but use very ripe. Best to use the fruit when it is in season. Organically grown if possible.
When using grains be sure to eat a lot of fresh green vegetables. This prevents the calcium in the body from leaching out.
Buckwheat is rich in magnesium, protein, providing the synthesis for oxidation of carbohydrates.
Magnesium contains B vitamins, vitamin E, and iron. Helps eliminate constipation and prevent toxemia in pregnancy. (Red meat can cause toxemia, so it would be better to substitute grains for meat. Whole grains include the bran and the germ which are full of nutrients.)
Millet is rich in protein, easy to digest, and helps rebuild nerves. Use with vegetables, sesame and sunflower seeds.
Lentils, when sprouted before cooking, have increased nutrients.
Pumpkin Seeds are rich in zinc and iron. The zinc can help prevent stretch marks.
Sesame Seeds are a rich source of methionine and other amino acids which are usually lacking in vegetables and grains. Use sesame seed milk.
Sprouts are one of the most uncontaminated, untreated foods that are available when sprouted in pure water. Sprouting enhances the high nutritional value. The vitamins and minerals in sprouts are utilized more efficiently in the body. Mung and lentil sprouts provide balanced amino acids.
Alfalfa has a high calcium to phosphorus balance.
Sugar Excess absorbs quickly into the bloodstream and can affect the proper growth of the fetus. Sugar robs the body of nutrients.
Sweet Potatoes can be baked in the oven and used instead of white sugar products when you crave sweets. Rich in vitamin A and C and minerals.
Vegetables The more raw food you eat, the better. Use a lot of green leafy vegetables such as watercress and leaf lettuce.
Exercise helps for easier delivery and helps the lymph glands to clean the system.
The slant board is the only way to exercise the uterus. Gravity is constantly pulling the uterus and a slant board would help pull and eliminate strain on the uterus.
Smoking increases the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage late in pregnancy, and deaths of babies right after birth. Toxic material and inhaled smoke are transmitted through the placenta to the unborn baby. Smoking decreases the blood flow to the fetus. Carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke decreases oxygen flow to the mother and into the placenta where the baby is fed. Cigarette smoke also contains chemicals that cause cancer. These chemicals enter the fetal bloodstream when the mother smokes during pregnancy and can cause cancer in the unborn baby, which may manifest itself later in the child. The carbon monoxide prevents the intake of oxygen in the fetus and could cause birth defects. Increases the risk of miscarriage, fetal death or death soon after birth. Can cause stunted growth and birth weight and hyperactivity in children.

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need ways to INCREASE WHITE BLOOD CELLS...read!

How To Increase White Blood Cells

The white blood cells (WBC) act as your body's protectors, providing it immunity against infections. Also called leukocytes, WBC are essentially of five types - basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes (T cells and B cells), monocytes and neutrophils. The normal count of white blood cells in the body is 4,500-10,000 white blood cells/mcL. The body needs to maintain this WBC count, to keep its immunity intact. When WBCs fall below this range, the immune system of the body gets weak, making it susceptible to infections. In case you are suffering from the problem, rest assured that there are certain ways through which you raise the white blood cells. In the following lines, we have provided information on how to increase the white blood cell (WBC) count in the body, just for you.

Ways To Increase Your WBC Count

Have A Healthy Diet
There is nothing better than a healthy diet, to increase the count of white blood cells in your body and reward you with an efficient immune system. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. The phytochemicals that lend fruits and vegetables their rich colors help the body build a strong immune system as well. So, start eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables on an everyday basis. In fact, you should cover two-thirds of your plate with vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans, and the rest with lean protein.

Indulge In Regular Exercise
The importance of exercise can never ever be overemphasized in your life. Be it getting rid of the excess fat, keeping blood sugar levels under check or increasing the white blood cells in your body, indulging in a physical activity on a regular basis always comes as one of the most effective remedies. Exercising for at least 30 minutes in a day will provide you with a lot of benefit. It does not mean that you can only hit the gym or lift weights at home. Just be active for the said time, say by walking climbing stairs, cycling, etc.

Switch Over To Green Tea
Regular consumption of green tea can also go a long way in increasing your WBC count, by stimulating the production of white blood cells. All you have to do is replace 1-2 cups of tea/ coffee/ colas with decaffeinated green tea, on a daily basis. The tea comprises of catechin, a type of antioxidant that contains a specific catechin - epigallocatechin gallate or egcg (which gives it antigen-fighting abilities). Green tea catechins have been known to help perk up lymphocyte responses and even boast of anti-inflammatory effects.

Some More Ways:

  • Consult a doctor and take a multivitamin  specific to your age and gender. Do make sure that it includes a healthy amount of zinc. (INTRAMAX 8018 order by phone)
  • Include lots of lean protein sources in your diet. You should consume 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of your body weight.
  • Try not to let your total fat intake go beyond 30 percent of your daily calories. At the same time, of the total fat intake, make sure that 5-10 percent comes from saturated fats.
  • Increase your consumption of friendly bacteria; say in the form of yogurt or kefir drink. Such bacteria stimulate the immunity cells in your gastrointestinal tract.
·         (NaturalNews) Low white blood cell counts are indicative of a suppressed immune system and can have many causes. Emotional state and stress, an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, and nutritional intake can all cause lower immune system response and low white blood cell counts. Low immunity can also be caused by a number of health conditions, by surgical or medical treatments and by the natural aging process. Whatever the cause, low immunity and low white blood cell counts prevent the body from being able to have an optimum response to infections and illness. Here are some things which can help prevent low immunity and keep white blood cell counts high:

Truman’s Blood Formula: http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=1015&n=Truman%27s-Blood-Formula&range=N-Z

- Avoid sugar and keep sweet stuff to a minimum. Sugar prevents white blood cells from being their strongest
- Eliminate unhealthy fats. Polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, and sunflower oil are deterrents to a healthy immune system.
- If you are overweight, lose a few pounds. Being overweight is very detrimental to your immune system and studies have shown that overweight people are less able to fight off infection.
- Drink plenty of water to boost the immune system as well as flush out toxins
- Exercise is a proven immune system booster. Exercise is best in moderation, however, since too much exercise may wear the body down and create immune system problems.
- Avoid stress and try to relax. Stress is rightly called the silent killer and too much stress invariably leads to a lowered immune system.

Many food items help boost immune function and white blood cell counts. For example: http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3600&n=Truman%27s-Super-Green-Foods-w-HerbsSuper-Veggie-Powder

Carrots and other red, yellow, orange, and dark-green leafy vegetables contain beta carotene which helps protect the immune system, especially the thymus gland. Beta carotene and other carotenes also strengthen white blood cell production, and foods rich in beta-carotene help the body better fight off infection.

Yogurt http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=8413&n=Acidophilus-Non-Dairy  and http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=8415&n=Colostrum can be very beneficial for the immune system. It helps the body produce antibodies and strengthens white blood cells.

A cup of kale will give you your daily requirement of vitamin A. This is an antioxidant that helps your body fight cancer cells and is essential in the formation of white blood cells. Vitamin A http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=2803&n=Vitamin-A-10000-IU (also available in 25,000 IU) also increases the ability of antibodies to respond to invaders.

People who eat more garlic have more natural killer white blood cells.

Other helpful foods include chicken, kale, almonds, guava, crab, dark grapes and navy beans.

Supplements can play a big role in boosting immune function and white blood cell counts. Some examples:

- Pau D Arco http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=4427 
Research has shown that it contains a natural antibacterial agent, has a healing effect on the entire body, cleanses the blood. It builds the immune system and nerves, and increases resistance to disease

- Astragalus root http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3530&n=Astragalus-Root&range=A-B  helps stimulate white blood cells and protects against invading organisms. It also enhances production of the important natural compound interferon to fight against viruses.

- Zinc http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=9988&n=Zinc-Gluconate  is necessary for white blood cell function and it acts as a catalyst in the immune system's killer response to foreign bodies.

- Vitamin C http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=2801&n=Hi-C-500  is an immune enhancer that helps white blood cells perform at their peak and quickens the immune system response.

- The trace mineral selenium http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=8632  is vital to the development and movement of white blood cells.

- Both Siberian ginseng (eleuthero) http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3254&n=Eleuthero-Eleutheroccocus-Senticosus&range=C-E  and American or Asian ginseng http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3131&n=Ginseng-Root-American&range=F-K  provide support for the immune system.

- Echinacea http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3121&n=Echinacea-Root-Angustifolia&range=C-E  helps stimulate the immune system in a variety of ways, including increased white blood cell production.

- Green Tea http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3747&n=Green-Tea-Tincture-Extract&range=F-K  also stimulates production of white blood cells. Also avail as Tea:

Some other potent immune boosters are suma, http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3321 medicinal mushrooms, http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=1663  beta glucans and aloe vera:
Capsules http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=6970
 or liquid: http://www.healthherbs.com/product.php?pid=3010
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